When you are drinking wine, everything is fine… unless of course, someone counterfeits your drink tickets.  Take your bar security to the next level with custom branded wine tickets.

  • 300 DPI thermal printing
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom Numbering
  • Fully customizable
  • Security features
  • Length: 2″(5cm)
  • Width: 1.5″(3.8cm)

Why Custom Print Wine Tickets?

Wine tickets work well for personal & professional events such as weddings, birthdays & work parties. We’ve seen lots of our customers pick this option over a cash bar as they allow for more control over your money and peace of mind after the event is done.

Custom designed wine tickets can be used as tokens for promotional deals. For example, a 2 for 1 drink special. Rather than the customer ordering two drinks at a time, they can order the first drink and then be given their token for the next freebie. This way drinks stay cool and the customer stays happy!

Equally, wine tickets can be used as giveaways or add-on’s to help push bigger deals. E.g. a free drink with your meal etc. Sometimes, it’s that lil extra thank you that leaves the most lasting impression.

Wine Ticket Design Examples

More Tickets

We can print a full range of custom drink tickets, including beer tickets, custom beverage tickets, champagne tickets, alcoholic beverage tickets and even non-alcoholic tickets! We also print food tickets, admit one tickets, raffle tickets, event tickets, 50/50 tickets and more.

While we don’t recommend cheap roll tickets due to security issues (fraud) and the inability to customized the design (looks cheap), if you insist, you can order them online at Staples here.

Printing Pricing

Price per ticket.

number of units price per unit
50 - 500$35.95 / total
501 - 1000$39.95 / total
1001 - 5000$0.04
5001 - 10000$0.04
10001 - 100000$0.04
100001 + contact for quote