Mini-tickets work great as drink tickets.  When using drink tickets for an event, it is really important that you create a custom, secure design that isn’t easy to counterfeit.  Separating sales of tickets from drink pick-up station also helps to further reduce leakage.  You can customize them specifically for your event or even the type of drink (ie: beer vs. wine vs. champagne) using any of our colors.  Using custom printed mini tickets for beverage or liquor tickets is much more secure than purchasing generic roll tickets.  These tickets are also commonly used as free drink tickets, drink coupons or drink vouchers.

Get your custom printed food tickets from myZone and worry less about someone eating into your profits with counterfeit tickets.  Mini-tickets work great as food tickets.  You can separate cash sales from food pick-up to help reduce losses from theft.  You can create custom versions for each food product type (ie: hamburger ticket vs. hot dog ticket) or you can create a generic food/meal ticket.

Admit one tickets that come on a roll from The Dollar Store or Staples have some serious security issues with them!  Get custom-printed admit one tickets from myZone and don’t stress about counterfeits while reinforcing your company branding.  Many people use mini-tickets as admission tickets when they don’t need a full-sized event ticket with the perforated stub.  Admit-one tickets are very cost-effective because they are much smaller and cheaper than full-size event tickets.

Printing Pricing

Price per ticket.

number of units price per unit
50 - 500$35.95 / total
501 - 1000$39.95 / total
1001 - 5000$0.04
5001 - 10000$0.04
10001 - 100000$0.04
100001 + contact for quote